APS IntelliLoad Control

Guarantees Core Power

Ensure continuous operation of your most important appliances and optimise battery storage with the World‘s Smartest Distribution Board.
Uninterrupted AC Power
Rugged Design for Africa

Make Your Power Go Further

World‘s Smartest Distribution Board
IntelliLoad from APS priorises battery energy for your most important appliances – ensuring that the photocopiers are diconnected before your lights to ensure your vaccine fridge always has power.

Power Priorities – How IntelliLoad Works

IntelliLoad works in conjuction with the APS 3000 or 5000 Smart Inverter and operates as a smart distribution board with four 16A circuit breakers. Controlled by the Smart Inverter‘s computer, ImtelliLoad allows the configuration of Power Priorities so that non-essential circuits are disabled as the battery levels drop, guaranteing power for your most important circuit.
Our Patent Pending technology incorporates data from your site‘s unique solar power curve to provide intelligent load optimisation based on battery charge and predicted solar.

Four Intelligent AC Outputs

16A Ports with Unique Logic
IntelliLoad is the only Load Control system that enables and optimises power priorities based on battery charge and on live solar conditions. This is made possible due to sophisticated algorithms that run on the aLinux Operating System contained in the APS Microprocessor.

Four Clear OLED Displays

High Contrast. Configured by an installer or over the Internet.
Each circuit has it is own dedicated 1“ Sunlight Readable OLED display that illustrates settings (baseline and peak load permitted). It can be configured via a physical dial or remotely via our dashboard.

Monitor Power Consumption Circuit by Circuit

Energy Monitoring down to Device Level

Each Power Channel of Intelliload is equipped with a voltage and current sensor that is constantly monitored by the APS Smart Inverter computer which records real-time energy consumption and is uploaded to the cloud.

This enables remote monitoring of the power consumption of vital equipment anywhere such as medical appliances in a remote clinic or a 20 year old freezer. Unlike Smart Plugs, IntelliLoad enables one to track the energy consumption of an entire site and specific circuits.

Ultimate Energy Auditor

Prevent Overspecifying of Solar Projects with Granular Power Data

Most off grid solar projects have specifications that far exceed what is needed resulting in unnecessary. With an APS Smart Inveter and IntelliLoad a site can be monitored and surveyed in advance to ensure an accurate assessment of energy consumption.

Learn how APS has used IntelliLoad to benchmark accurate energy consumption of medical devices in Zimbabwean clinics.

Technical Specs

Solar Charge Controller

60A MPPT, 150V Max VoC
20A Load Current

Solar PV Input / DC Output

12V: 800W / 240W
24V: 1600W / 480W
36V: 2400W / 720W
48V: 3200W / 960W

Parallel Operation

Up to 16 SolarEnabler 3200s

DC Output Load Power

9V to 70V
Lead Acid or Lithium Ion

Battery Voltage & Type

9V to 70V
Lead Acid or Lithium Ion


205 x 302 x 93 mm (W x H x D)


MPPT Tracking: 99%
Conversion Efficiency: 98%

Operating Temperature

-35° C to 45° C

Chassis Details

Fanless, IP32

Remote Monitoring System

Integrated Quad Core


RJ12 Network Connection to APS 3000 or 5000 Smart Inverter