SolarEnabler 3200

Smart MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Rugged DC Solution for up to 3200 Watts of Off Grid Solar
GPRS Monitoring
Lithium Battery Compatible
Off Grid Solar
Rugged Design for Africa

Reliable Off Grid Power Anywhere

With industry-leading efficency of 98% and weighing less than 4kg the fanless, ultra-compact SolarEnabler 3200 enables affordable DC power for medium-scale off grid applications with support for 12-48V loads. Ideal for anyting from 12V computer labs to 24V industrial systems to 48V Telco Towers.
Just add batteries and solar panels. Nothing else required.

Comes with its own Internet Connection

The SolarEnabler is the world‘s only Charge Controller that includes a GSM/3G modem and a globally roaming APS SIM card and data plan for out of the box system monitoring in 190 countries. Our antenna boosts your GPRS signal and our SIM works across multiple networks to ensure connectivity.

Maximum Power Point Tracking

Achieve More Solar Power
The SolarEnabler 3200 uses MPPT technology that continually monitors the voltage and current of your solar (PV) array to maximise available power during dawn, dusk and cloudy days, capturing 99% of your available solar power.

10+ Year Lithium Batteries

Traditional batteries fail fast and their replacement costs make off grid power expensive.
Our Charge Controller supports BYD B-Box 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) modular batteries with lifecycle beyond 10 years and operating temperature of up to 50 ° C. Rack-mount solution with flexibility from 2.5kWh to 80kWh.

Go Large with Parrallel Operation

Up to 16 SolarEnablers can be daisy-chained to charge from up to 51.2kWp of PV and output 16kW of Continous DC Power (48V) for applications ranging from Telco Towers to Commercial & Industrial deployments.

Live Solar Irradiance Weather Info

Only our dashboard displays real-time solar insolation weather data filtered through your PV installation details so you can compare how your solar is performing vs its maximum potential second by second.

Powerful Dashboard and Analytics

Monitor Your Sites, Not Just Your Inverter
APS Smart Inverters gather data every second and upload over GPRS every 2 hours with faults reported in real-time. Power usages is a proxy for activity. As a funder or installer you can see all your assets in one dashboard and benefit from insights such as how late clinics are open or whether appliances have failed.

Technical Specs

Solar Charge Controller

60A MPPT, 150V Max VoC
20A Load Current

Solar PV Input / DC Output

12V: 800W / 240W
24V: 1600W / 480W
36V: 2400W / 720W
48V: 3200W / 960W

Parallel Operation

Up to 16 SolarEnabler 3200s

DC Output Load Power

9V to 70V
Lead Acid or Lithium Ion

Battery Voltage & Type

9V to 70V
Lead Acid or Lithium Ion


205 x 302 x 93 mm (W x H x D)


MPPT Tracking: 99%
Conversion Efficiency: 98%

Operating Temperature

-35° C to 45° C

Chassis Details

Fanless, IP32

Remote Monitoring System

Integrated Quad Core


GPRS Modem with APS
Roaming SIM Card
802.11n WiFi
Bluetooth 4.1 LE