APS 3000

World‘s Smartest Inverter

Continuous Renewable Energy in a Box for Off Grid & Grid Challenged
Affordable Generator Replacement
GPRS Monitoring
Uninterrupted AC Power
Off Grid Solar
Rugged Design for Africa

Uninterrupted Power. Unrivalled Running Costs

APS Smart Inverters charge Lithium or traditional batteries from solar and/or unreliable grid power. Over its lifetime our solution produces electricity at $0.20 per kWh, affordably replacing diesel generators at last

Off Grid Power for On Grid Prices

Generator Terminator

The challenge with renewable power is everything between the solar panel and your appliances. We solve that.
The APS 3000 uniquely combines a Solar Charger Controller, 3kVA AC Inverter, Battery Charger and Remote Monitoring System into one easily rugged box. Paired with low cost solar panels and Lithium batteries, it is a rapid-installed replacement for diesel & petrol generators

Comes with its own Internet Connection

Only APS Smart Inverters include a GSM/3G modem and a globally roaming APS SIM card and data plan for out of the box system monitoring from Sierra Leone to Syria. Our antenna boosts your GPRS signal and our SIM works across multiple networks to ensure connectivity. No WiFi required.

Beautiful OLED Displays

The APS 3000 features high-contrast sunlight-readable 2.4“ OLED display showing information on system performance and connectivity and a dedicated 1“ OLED display showing current Power Consumption in Watts to serve as an live Watt Meter for your whole home, business or clinic so you can see how much power your TV or microwave suddenly used.

Powerful Dashboard and Analytics

Monitor Your Sites, Not Just Your Inverter
APS Smart Inverters gather data every second and upload over GPRS every 2 hours with faults reported in real-time. Power usages is a proxy for activity. As a funder or installer you can see all your assets in one dashboard and benefit from insights such as how late clinics are open or whether appliances have failed.

Overcoming Affordability with Prepaid Energy

Taking Solar Mainstream with Montly Costs that Match Diesel
Renewable energy saves money over time but cost more up front than a diesel generator. In countries with high costs of capital, our partners ensure affordability through leasing with monthly costs matched to fuel costs, allowing Solar & Storage to go mainstream.
Our software enables systems to be turned off remotely, enabling Pay as You Go Business Models or metering.

Live Solar Irradiance Weather Info

Only our dashboard displays real-time solar insolation weather data filtered through your PV installation details so you can compare how your solar is performing vs its maximum potential second by second.

Thermally Designed for Africa

Our unique cooling system pulls air through dust filters on the top and pushes down through internal aluminium heatsinks rather than bringing in dusty air from the bottom.

Designed and Made in Hampshire, England under ISO 9000:1 Standards to ensure quality
UPS Function Changes to battery power in 10 milliseconds when grid power fails

Technical Specs



AC Output
3000 Watts
5000 Watts
Peak Output
6kW (5 seconds)
10kW (5 seconds)
Battery Voltage
Battery Type
Flooded AGM Gel
Flooded AGM Gel
BYD B-Box LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries
Remote Monitoring
Integrated Quad Core PC
GPRS Modem with APS Roaming SIM 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1 LE
Solar Charge Controller
80A MPPT, 500V OcV
AC Charging Current
Efficiency at 60% Load
AC Input Voltage Range
90 – 280 V
UPS Transfer Time
10 milliseconds
Country of Manufacturer