Microgrids - Affordable at Last

APS provides the necessary equipment to enable the construction of distributed systems, which can facilitate cost effective electrification of population clusters. We reduce the hidden cost of microgrids – namely transmission construction – which finally makes community electrification an economically viable project.

End-to-End Solution for Operators

APS provides an end to end solution (Solar to Smart Inverters to Lithium Storage to Smart Metering and Payment Apps), which are all managed via a remote dashboard. No silos or separate management systems for power generation and smart metering.

Clusters – the Key to Scaling Rural Electrification

Up to 75% of micogrid CAPEX is incurred in transmission. Our approach is based on < 10kW generation systems that serve community clusters. This allows the electrification of all rural communities, not just those that are densely populated. Our mass produced, rapid-install product approach lowers CAPEX per kW, shortening the break-even period.

Enabling the DC Home of the Future Affordably

APS provides a unique reticulation technology for DC Microgrids. AC Input (from grid) or 48V DC power (from our SolarEnabler 3200 and BYD 10 Year Lithium Batteries) is converted to 60V safe-to-touch DC power that can be transmitted up to 250m, using fencing wire, that costs $0.10 per meter. This costs least 10x less than armored AC cabling.

At the rural home or small business, the 60V DC is stepped down to 12V DC to supply LED lighting, refrigeration, televisions and fans. A constant 300W is available at a fraction of the price of standalone Solar Home Systems on a per Watt basis. Storage can be increased centrally via the addition of more Lithium Batteries.

Micogrids Made Easy

Pole-Mounted Solar PV

Solar power, from 1kWp to 4kWp, is produced from arrays of panels mounted on high locally sourced poles. The height reduces theft and ensures the absence of shade. One array will supply up to 10 off grid homes.

AC or DC Charging

All APS systems are connected to the internet via GPRS with our SIM card and their microcomputers control the micgrogrid.

The Smart Inverter 5000 has an input of 4kWp of PV and is able to ensure that the Lithium batteries can supply up to 5kW of continous AC power to a cluster of homes. For DC Micogrids, the SolarEnabler has an input of 3.2kWp of PV which enables the 48V DC batteries to power the transmission system. Up to 16 SolarEnablers can be parralelled for larger DC Microgrids of 51.2kWp and 16kW continuous DC output.

10+ Year Rack Mount Batteries

Lead Acid batteries have a short life span and their replacement costs make off grid power expensive. Our solution is based on BYD B-Box 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) modular batteries with a lifecycle beyond 10 years and operating temperature of up to 50 ° C. Rack-mount solution with flexibility from 2.5kWh to 80kWh though individual 2.5kWh batteries can be wall mounted inside the cabinet.

DC & AC Smart Metering

Each home connection can be metered with the APS Smart Meter which is connected via a cable (RS-485 or Powerline) to the Smart Inverter or SolarEnabler. The issue of wireless dark spots is removed.

The APS Smart Meter is unique as it has its own display showing kWh consumed, live load and available credit, all on a clear OLED screen. The APS Smart Meter is fully compliant with all local regulations including Nigeria‘s NEMSA standard, which requires a display.

APS Smart Meters can be mounted to a DIN Rail inside the Power Generation Cabinet to prevent tampering, or in a cusomised unit in the home.

Payment App for Rapid Rollout

Our mobile payment app works with banks, mobile money, and popular m-wallets, which allows consumers to top up their smart meters and to deposit funds into an operator‘s account. This funtionality is also available via feature phones with USSD payment options.

A Unified Dashboard

Many microgrid developers have to manage two information systems – the Smart Metering/Payments and a Remote Monitoring System (RMS) for the power equipment. This necesitates complex software development and management with multiple APIs.

APS provides an End to End solution for operators. Every data point from PV conditions, to battery performance, to home consumption analytics is on one web dashboard. This results in lower costs and ease of use for Microgrid developers.

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