Transforming Primary Healthcare

Our rapid-deployed solar solutions improve patient outcomes by powering vaccine fridges, enabling safe surgeries and deliveries, and providing reliable power for life-critical medical devices from incubators to aspirators.

Electricity is Life

Complete Clinic Electriciation for $9000

Integrated real-time monitoring provides powerful insight into remote clinic operations and IntelliLoad Control ringfences power for essential medical devices.
Price includes Smart Inverter, Energy Storage, Solar Panels, Installation and Transport in Africa
Running Costs
Always Online
with GPRS
10 Year
Lithium Batteries
All in One
Rapid Installation

Cold Chain. Guaranteed

Our IntelliLoad System allows you to ringfence core power so that photocopiers and other non-essential devices turn off first and the vaccine fridge never does.

Designed for Surge Devices

Lighting and fans are easy. Our Smart Inverter 5000 and high discharge BYD Lithium batteries enables high power surge devices like sterilisers, aspirators, waterpumps, lab equipment and incubators.

Improving Patient Outcomes

For clinics, electricity is binary. Without it, you can‘t deliver core medical services. We enable reliable 24 hour electricity with unrivalled costs.
Our Smart Inverters and Lithium Batteries are transforming operations for 12 clinics in rural Zimbabwe

Monitor Your Clinics, Not Just Our Inverters

Power usage is a proxy for activity. As a funder or installer you can see all your assets in one unified dashboard and benefit from power insights such as how late clinics are open, whether a medical device has failed (as no longer drawing power), or how many surgeries have been conducted that day. All in real time

Technical Specs

Smart Inverter 5000

AC Output
5000 Watts
Peak Output
10kW (5 seconds)
Battery Voltage
Solar PV Input
4000 Watt peak (Wp)
Remote Monitoring
Integrated Quad Core PC
GPRS Modem with APS Roaming
Solar Charge Controller
80A MPPT, 500V OcV
AC Charging Current
Efficiency at 60% Load
AC Input Voltage Range
90 – 280 V
UPS Transfer Time
10 milliseconds
Country of Manufacturer

BYD B-Box Battery

2.5kWh per Module
Capacity per Rack
Up to 80kWh
Battery Voltage
Depth of Discharge
Discharge Rate
100% (1C). 5kWh battery can be discharged at 5kWh for 1 hour.
Operating Temp
0 – 50 C
33kg Each
Can be Air Freighted
Wall Mount or Rack Mount