Building the Future

APS Solar Solutions are improving outcomes in off grid schools from Sierra Leone to Kenya

Empowering Education with ICT

APS Solar Solutions power computer labs, distance learning and vocational training

Levelling the playing field by providing children and teachers in remote schools with access to powerful software and content. Our systems power not only computers classrooms but projectors and connectivity for teacher training and distance learning and printers and lighting for evening community classrooms

Learn how a single APS inverter is providing benefit to thousands of refugees on the Somalia border.

Making Schools Safe

APS Smart Inverters enable outdoor flood lighting

Making it safe for students to walk to sanitation blocks and boarding rooms after dark

Learn how APS has electrified 5 rural secondary schools in Uganda

Powering Container Computer Classrooms

Rapid Deployed APS Solutions for Rapid Deployed Classrooms

Our wall-mount Smart Inverters are ideal for compact, prefabricated computer labs, paired with Lithium storage and rooftop PV. All part of our commitment to improving education and ICT access across Africa.

Learn how APS is powering Computer Aid‘s Zubabox for school and community ICT access in rural Sierra Leone

Monitor Your Schools, Not Just Our Inverters

Power usage is a proxy for activity. As a funder or installer you can see all your assets in one unified dashboard and benefit from power insights such as how late clinics are open, how often a waterpump is used, or how the grid is becoming better or worse in different areas.