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Our range of Smart Inverters provide continuous power for homes and businesses and rapid deployment of solar for off grid clinics and classrooms. Our systems replace diesel generators by providing electricity for less than $0.20 per kWh, real-time remote monitoring ensures reliability and Smart Metering enables prepaid energy.

Energy Independence Now

Our Focus


Transforming Healthcare.
Electricity is Life.

The SolarEnabler was built for clinics and provides the electricity needed for lighting, vaccine refrigeration, water pumps and life-critical appliances like infant warmers and microscopes.


Transforming Educations.
Empowering Schools.

Drawing on our experience deploying over 360 solar classrooms in Africa, the SolarEnabler provides safety lighting and enables ICT whether printers, projectors or computers.
Solar Classroom


Transforming Africa.
Replacing residential generators.

The SolarEnabler empowers the home and can run large fridges and freezers, big screen TVs, waterpumps and even some air conditioning.


Empowering Telco Towers.
Solar for Commercial & Industrial

Our solar powered classroom in a box brings free education. Deployed at over 180 rural schools in 10 developing countries, Aleutia provides everything needed to quickly setup a ICT classroom in off-grid areas.

Features and Benefits

All in One Design

5kW Inverter, 4kWp Charge Controller, Remote Monitoring System with powerful back-end web dashboard.

Lithium Storage Enabled

We provide our inverters with Lithium Energy Storage that provides 10 Year Lifecycles even in 45 C temp environments.

Predictive Maintenance and Field Serviceable

We monitor data every second and upload every 2 hours. Through continual internet monitoring we can see faults arise and our partners can swap out parts in country with no downtime

Pay as You Go Function

Solar is always expensive up front even though our running costs are enabled. Leasing partners provide affordability by enabling customs to pay in instalments. Other inverters have monitoring but ours is the only one that can be turned off remotely in the event of non payment.

Integrated SIM Card

Every APS Smart Inverter features an integrated computer and GPRS modem with roaming SIM card – No WiFi required.

UPS Function –Instant Switchover

The SolarEnabler can connect to your unreliable grid or generator and instantly switch to battery (10 milliseconds) in the event of a power cut.

Intelligence that Empowers

Traditional remote monitoring provides information for solar experts. Our software is designed for end-users and provides useful insights such as dust building up on the solar panels (predictive maintenance) or what appliances could be changed for more energy efficient ones.

Automated Home – The Future Now

Our custom electronics enable you to control each of your 4 AC circuits so that you can turn off the lights but not the fridge on your smartphone and set hierarchies so that fans in a clinic turn off before the vaccine fridge is compromised.

Let us provide a proposal for your clinic, school, or home solar electrification project.

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