Transforming Energy Access in Africa

Our range of Smart Solar Inverters & Energy Storage provide continuous power for homes, businesses, clinics and classrooms. We make solar simple and affordable and so replace diesel generators.
All our products come with their own internet connection and real-time monitoring, ensuring reliability and providing powerful insight.

Energy Independence Now

Renewable Energy. Finally Affordable.

Diesel Generators power Africa but are noisy, toxic, and expensive at $0.60 per kWh.
Our solution of Smart Inverter, Lithium Batteries, and Solar provides unrivalled running costs with power over 10 years below $0.20 per kWh
Solar has always been a complex, expensive project. Our All in One rapid-installation design changes everything.

Solar Made Easy

The challenge is everything between your solar panels and your appliances. We solve that.
Smart Inverter 2000
2kW AC Output
1.2kWp Solar Input
24V Batteries
Smart Inverter 3000
3kW AC Output
2kWp Solar Input
24V Batteries
Smart Inverter 5000
5kW AC Output
4kWp Solar Input
48V Batteries
Including Lithium
SolarEnabler 3200
Solar Charge Controller
1kW DC Output
3kWp Solar Input
12/24/48V Batteries
Running Costs
Always Online
with GPRS
10 Year
Lithium Batteries
Off Grid or
All in One
Rapid Installation
Designed &
Made in the UK


Our systems guarantee cold chain and power lights, water pumps and life-critical neonatal incubators.
Healthcare Transforming Clinics and Hospitals. Electricity is Life


Rapid install solution for electrifying off grid classrooms, powering lights and computers and transforming education.
Education Improving outcomes. Safe schools & ICT labs


We power TVs, freezers, and air conditioners with running costs far below generators and affordable financing.
Homes Energy Independence Replacing urban generators.

Commercial and Industrial

From ATMs to Telco Towers to Retail, our power solutions ensure uptime with low TCO.
Commercial and Industrial Reliable Power for Business Continuity
Organisations We’re Proud to Have Supplied